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Save More Than Ever! Until October 22nd!

Save More Than Ever! Until October 22nd! Too boost the year-end sales event, Clayton has offered more incentives than ever to buy a home now! Through the Great American Sales promotion you can now combine any existing incentives with additional savings offered on select homes until October 22nd. Let us get you started toward living in your dream home, today! Make a deposit on any of our discounted homes and that will guarantee that any incentives, agreements, or discounts will be locked in, until you purchase the home or you ask that your deposit be refunded. Call today to speak with one of our home consultants, and start the process to living in the home you always wanted!

Bust A Move Year-End Sales Event

Bust A Move Year-End Sales Event Bust A Move! (or a U-Turn) Stop by our Home Center to check out the new sales event, effective September 1st, 2016! This sale is intended to reduce inventory and make space for 2017 models. With the Manager's specials, Red Tag Homes, and an ongoing Lowe's Promotion there are numerous opportunities to SAVE BIG! We have 6 homes we are aiming to sell before the end of this Sales Event and have reduced their list prices accordingly. Stop by our Home Center today and ask how you can "Bust A Move" towards HUGE Savings on almost any home that we have in our inventory. Call today for more details on how you can combine and save more!